Testimony (My Babies Story) by Mary Mitchell

Hello, in Jan 2016 my then 10 yr old daughter started having trouble with simple motor skills (standing, writing,  walking) she would take a step and fall over and could not get back up. We went to numerous Drs and neurologist, none of which knew what was happening.  Finally about 3wks after this mystery started we went to an ER where a Nigerian Dr told us, he had never seen anything like this before,  but it was neurological and that she needed to be admitted and then transferred to the next biggest hospital ASAP. We were, on our way, had what seemed like millions of test, and finally a diagnosis GBS. She was treated and seemed to be getting better, responsed to meds and rehab. We were eventually transferred to a rehab hospital so she could relearn to walk, write and dress herself; as she had been paralyzed from the illness before we knew what it was. She was responding well until 2 days began we were scheduled to be released and she fell again and began getting weak all over again. We were at a lost. Drs called me out of the room to share with me that she did not have GBS but its evil cousin CIDP, which is much more aggressive and requires a lifetime of treatment. So now I had to go and tell my baby girl that we were not only going to have to stay, but that she would have to be restuck for IV and that our journey was no where near over. We cried together, prayed together and did as Drs requested,  but trusted God. Over the course of the last 2.5 years she’s spent most of them in a wheelchair with no guarantee that she would ever walk again, and one night in my prayer time I heard God’s voice asking me how deeply do you trust me? My answer was as deep as the cedars of Lebanon and I have never doubted him. When my world was upside down,  we continued and still continue to praise him. Along the journey we’ve lost our vehicles,  homes, businesses,  but my baby girl is walking and God is still God!!!

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  1. I love your beautiful spirit sis and Amen you are absolutely right that is his promise. My apologies being a mom you know we multi task often so I accidentally sent the email before finishing. First I want to say how powerful is you testimony?! My heart broke for you and all you and your family have been through. Often times we dont understand that its through our trials that we become so woven in Gods loving kindness and grace. Fully experiencing him, How else’s would we ever get to see his hand?

    As I read your testimony I was in tears you’ve endured so much but materialistic things dont matter when your babies life is on the line. Alot of times we put our faith in materialistic stuff and things of this world when those things are not what matters.

    That became so clear to me when I had to say goodbye (Temporary ) to my oldest daughter.

    I often say what good is the house without the family?

    I would like to say a prayer for you all.

    Father as my heart broke last night listening to this amazing women’s powerful testimony of what really matters it truly touched me. She is nothing short than amazing I admire her level of Faith and trust in you despite all she has been through and I know it wasn’t easy by any means.

    Today Father I pray over her Marriage that the victory of challenges they had to face will show as a powerful light in their marriage for many to see and come to you because that light is you.

    I pray over their beautiful strong baby girl who is in her own right A powerful testimony of your love and kindness, Grace, and mercy when people see her let them see you and all your Glory.

    I pray that this family will be filled with so much love and Joy that it literally oozes out of them for all to see. I pay that just like Job everything they lost returns 10 fold. And doors they couldn’t even imagine began opening left and right.

    This powerful mama has touch me immensely I pray she knows this.

    I pray all these things in your mighty magnificent sons Yeshua Hamashiach Name.

    Thank you so much for sharing your powerful testimony on my page I’m truly honored to be able to see the Movement of God in your family’s life.

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