My Why

☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾This is true! After my daughter left this earth, I made a promise to myself. To never let Quiara, my beautiful baby girls life go in vain! I gave up everything for her while she was here! EVERYTHING! So she could go farther than I ever Could. What I wanted nolonger mattered! All that mattered to me was helping her achieve every single dream she had! Watching her do so gave me so much joy! I would had die for her I would die for all of my girls! When Quiara left I had a dream and in this dream she passed the paton that I once passed her back to me and said mommy run! Run mommy RUN! Now all I can do is RUN! Yahweh continues to bust down doors as I continue to trust him so I not only bust through doors, but I leave a open road for my daughters not to run or fight through but to walk through! I risk it all for them! However one thing watching Quiara has taught me is to live! Take chances! Risk it all and live. Because its important to make my mark! I now want to be just like Quiara! I want to make my mark in this world! Its important because people I dont even know and haven’t even met are counting on me to answer to the very calling that God is even allowing me to continue to walk on this earth for! So I can help them just like people were lead to help me. Yes its scary sometimes very scary. But dying and letting God down, my daughter down, my grandparents down is far worse! I run for them! I run for me because I’m not truly me unless I’m answering to the calling that was placed inside me. And if I’m not going to live to the fullest! I might as well just Die! And I refuse! I’m a fighter! I am not a quitter! I am a healer! I heal the soul with love! My mouth is my gift! So I can tell YOU! Yes you reading this! you can do it! What ever your dealing with! What ever your calling is, your going to be ok and you can do it! I’m here to show the world when they think it’s not possible to lose a child and get back up and smile, think it’s not possible to quit a job and follow your dream with nothing and continue on with a smile, who think it’s not possible to continue on when you lose your car with joy in your heart, to smile after you find out after 40 years that the dad you thought you had wasn’t your real dad and the real dad you have is and has been on drugs you can dust yourself off and smile! I smiled through the marital problems! Everything hurtful I’ve been through I might have been thrown down on the pavement left for dead! But I with tears in my eyes got to my knees until I could stand and as God help me stand I gathered my strength and guess what? With tears in my eyes smiled. Its worth it to walk in your calling Im saying I can so one day you can too!

May this bless you continue to run!
I love you guys

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